Mission & Vision


To be a kindergarten that provides holistic nurture and education of our children based on sound Christian values.

  • We adopt ECDA’s NEL iTeach principles in teaching approaches and our curriculum includes all of 6 ECDA’s proposed learning areas
  • Daily in the classroom context and during assembly, we teach children sound moral values such as love, kindness, respect, patience, honesty and diligence. 
  • Weekly, simple stories told from the Bible that promote sound moral values are told. These values also promote ECDA’s desired outcomes of kindergarten education that relate to loving and respecting others as well as living in harmony with others.


Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

  • We teach that children may remember the good of what is taught, and inculcate a spirit of lifelong learning in children.

Core Values

Independence and Team spirit

  • Our daily classroom routines and activities are designed to encourage our children to progressively take care of themselves as well as others. 
  • N2 children are taught to take care of their own belongings and their own needs in an age appropriate way. 
  • K1 and K2 children are given opportunities to be involved in group tasks, activities and discussions. They are also given opportunities to take responsibilities or exercise their own initiative for tasks assigned.