Our Programmes

English Language and Literacy

We adopt the Code Cracker system for our Phonics programme and the Reading Bee system for our Reading programme. These are established systems that well received by many preschool centres. In addition to reading the text, the reading system promotes thinking and comprehension skills. Opportunities are provided during 'Show and Tell' sessions for children to verbalise their feelings and thoughts. such experiences will boost the children's confidence in oral expressions.

Chinese Language and Literacy

The Enriched Chinese Programme endorsed by ECDA and NTU is adopted to enhance the children’s learning of the Chinese Language over a range of topics. The children progressively learn the language through listening, speaking, reading and writing. Lessons are conducted daily.


Number knowledge and simple numeracy concepts are taught through hands-on play-based activities. Learning resources and activities are made available at the learning corners for the children to apply their knowledge and practise skills taught.

Discovery of the World

At the preschool levels, the children will learn about the world around them through hands-on real-life experiences such as growing plants or making popcorn, or investigating live samples/artifacts. They also conduct experiments to find out how things work such as the water cycle and how simple machines are useful in our daily lives. At the Nursery levels, stories and actual artifacts will be used to stimulate their curiosity and interest. Child-appropriate activities will be conducted to encourage them to explore and experiment.

Mini Integrated Project Work

The preschool children will be guided to discover knowledge and learn more authentically about certain topics. Learning areas that may be integrated include Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, Language, Fine Motor and Social. Their learning experiences may culminate in an individual or a group creation of a craft.

Social and Moral Values

Stories are used to teach good social and moral values. As the children relate to and interact with one another during school, we teach and advocate that they practice good social values such as respect, courtesy, honesty, and fairness. We teach them to be kind and to respect and care for others. They are also nurtured to be independent and responsible for themselves and the tasks assigned to them. At the preschool levels, we adopt HPB’s recommended social and emotional development program, Zippy’s Friends. This program aims to develop children’s coping skills, including their ability to manage stressful situations.

Motor Skills

Our physical exercise lessons are planned for children to enjoy exercising their big muscles as well as developing their fine motor and coordination skills. It is also our intent to promote physical exercise as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Their fine motor and coordination skills are developed when the children are engaged at the various learning centers such as the art, writing, blocks, and manipulatives centers.

Art and Craft

We encourage children to express themselves through art and craftwork. Often these are integrated with the lessons learned and form an expression of their feelings, knowledge, and application. Our children get to experience various art mediums and techniques as well as the different elements of art.

Music and Movement

Children enjoy music and moving in response to the rhythm. The children enjoy singing fun action songs daily and their music lessons help them better appreciate music and its elements.